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“Numbers, if analysed the right way, not only tell a story but can also predict the future.”





The pictures displayed above have been taken from the “dockercon 2016” slide deck presented by Ben Golub.  The data clearly indicates the fact that Docker is fast becoming one of the most popular and widely accepted new tool / technology of the last decade. To be honest I have never seen anything come close to the adoption rate of Docker across the board. Almost every major player in the diverse IT market is coming up with a product or service that is compatible with Docker in one form or the other.

By taking the hard decision of letting Docker be an open source tool, the company was able to create a very strong community of evangelist & contributors for the eco-system. Some of the tools that have sprung out of the wider community efforts are not only free to use but also provide a wonderful learning experience.

In this blog post I’ll share a few of these tools / resources that substantially enrich the learning curve for mastering Docker. I would like to add that this by no means is an exhaustive or the best list of resources available out there, it’s only a collection of resources that i have found helpful while going about my journey of deciphering the docker mystery.


Docker Playground ( 

  • Docker Playground (PlayWithDocker) is a web based app that enables a user to create upto five instances in the same shared network. All the instances can talk to each other and have the docker engine pre-installed. The developers of this application are very active and keep the docker engine updated.
  • This application can be used to test most of the features of the docker tool and is a great platform for learning the trades & tricks of the docker eco-system.
  • There are some limitations of the tool, but the benefits of the tools outweigh the drawbacks by a huge margin.
  • I would strongly RECOMMEND this tool to anyone who wants to work with docker at any level (beginner to advanced).
  • The tools is super easy to use, is totally free (as of now) and your sessions would persist for a decent span of time (enough time for you to do some serious POC stuff).



 Docker-Learn in 10 Days ( )

  • Docker 2017 – Learn in 10 Days is a very well made course for beginners to get started on Docker.
  • It explain in details al the features of Docker & does hands-on labs for all topics.
  • Use the link given above for getting the course at discounted price.



Katacoda (

  • Katacoda is an exceptionally effective web based platform for building interactive & flexible browser based demo and training environments. Their application has “Guided training” paths for beginners who would like to follow instructions to learn docker & “open playground” options for the users who like to experiment things.
  • The training modules are very well designed and the platform is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • I would strongly RECOMMEND this tool to all aspirants who want to learn docker in a systemic way. The tutorials are very easy to follow along and the modules are juxtaposed in a flawless manner.


  • Find below a snapshot of one of the training modules.




Docker Training  (

  • Official docker Learning Management System (LMS). Has two tracks Self Paced & Instructor Led.
  • The interface is like other Training Management Systems, where different training modules can be added to the account and used on demand.
  • All the Self Paced modules are free & the training content is very good.






Portainer (

  • Portainer is an open-source management UI which can be used to manage a docker host or a swarm cluster.
  • It also provides a live public demo of the tool the demo cluster is reset every 15 mins.
    • Username : demo
    • Password : tryportainer
  • The portainer tool can be run as a docker container and provides a dashboard that can be used to manage the docker engine from a graphical user interface(GUI).




Docker Tutorials (

  • Docker official youtube tutorial series for learning the basics of the Docker engine .
  • A very good resource for all those who don’t know anything about docker & want to start from the scratch.





Collabnix (

  • Collabnix is a Docker focussed Blog site run by a docker captain (aka docker guru). This site is one of the best places to go to if you want to get detailed information about the networking aspects of docker engine.
  • New blog posts are updated regularly and all the new feature sets of any new release are touch upon.
  • Advanced docker users would find this site to be very useful in their quest to tame the docker containers.



Alex Ellis’ Blog (

  • This blog is a “Treasure Trove” of resources for developing solution based on the docker engine. The blogger (also a Docker Captain) gives in depth account of effectively using docker for providing solutions for real world use cases.
  • Has a dedicated section for Raspberry Pi and using docker along with it.
  • What makes this blog so special is the great attention to detail that is consistently maintained; snapshots and code snippets are added wherever needed. This makes it very easy to follow along and understand the whole development process.
  • A must goto blog for anyone who is looking at developing serious solutions using the docker engine.




P.S  — If there are any good blog or resources that you feel need to be no this list, please let me know. I’d be more than willing to add that to this list.

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