Secure a hosted WordPress site against ‘Brute Force Attacks’

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   Follow the author on Twitter    This website like millions of other such websites is a hosted WordPress website. WordPress is open source & makes it super easy to create, design & manage high quality websites. This is the reason why WordPress is the leader in the content management system (CMS) arena. Having said that this leadership position means […]

IoT Project – Raspberry Pi, Docker, Sensors & Data Analytics

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   Follow the author on Twitter   GitHub repository for the code used in the project.   We live in a world where technology connects people across time zones, borders, continents and enabled seamless transfer of knowledge/information. The next push of technology is now bringing the machines around us into the fold of the connected eco-system. The Internet of Things […]

Raspberry Pi & IoT – Introduction

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   Follow the author on Twitter   The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that can do almost everything that a regular computer can. Priced at only $35, this device is already being extensively used in the filed of education; where it is being used for imparting computer science education, especially to the underprivileged who are unable to bear the […]

asciinema – Terminal Screen Recorder

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asciinema is a new terminal screen recorder and has some amazing features. the tool records the terminal session in a Json file but when run it looks like a video, the best part is that we can copy code from a running asciinema session. This link below is a sample asciinema terminal screen recording.   This video is an introduction […]

Docker for Azure – Template Walkthrough

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As discussed in the last video, “docker for azure” are templates that are used for automating the task for infrastructure & docker node deployment. The template is JSON based & provisions multiple Azure resources at the click of a button. Hence its very important that we understand the Json template & the resources that are provisioned. In this video i […]

Docker for Azure – Setup

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Towards the end of June 2016, Docker announce the released of “Docker for Azure” & “Docker for AWS”. Using these templates it is now possible to create both the Docker Cluster for orchestration of containers as well as the underlying Infrastructure clusters on Azure from a single touch point. These templates significantly reduce the time to setup the docker swarm […]

Docker Swarm Lab # 2

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In order to manage the global cluster state Docker Swarm uses the RAFT consensus algorithm for the manager nodes. RAFT is a leader based algorithm and can tolerate up to (N-1)/2 failures and requires a majority or quorum of (N/2)+1 members to agree on values proposed to the cluster. This means that in a cluster of 5 Managers running Raft, if […]